Outlaw Star Nexus Discord Guide

Outlaw Star Nexus Discord Guide

September 19, 2021 1 By Mantis

Outlaw Star Nexus is an Outlaw Star community that started out as a forum in 2008. It was the last forum dedicated to Outlaw Star then onwards. It was always a niche forum but usually saw a fair amount of activity. Due to an activity decline and persistent technical issues the decision was made to completely switch to Discord in May 2021.

Fortunately it’s been a success with over two hundred members at the time of writing and lots of activity daily—a far cry from the state the forum had reached. The forum had a charm and was themed around Outlaw Star itself. To the best extent possible this has been replicated on the Discord. You have the fictional locations as channel names, the wong currency and the item shop.

However, all of this can be a little overwhelming for anyone unfamiliar with Discord, or Discord servers with advanced features, so I decided to write a small guide that’ll teach everything you need to know to enjoy the server! And if you haven’t joined already, come visit! It’s a great place for Outlaw Star fans. Without further ado, let’s begin…

Welcome to OSN!

When you join the server you’ll see a welcome channel that explains the basics, but we’ll go over that here, more concisely. Channels are laid out as follows:

#👋welcome: You’ll find the kind of information I’m writing here there, but in more detail. Might be worth reading this.
#✅rules: Please take these seriously.
#💰luo-corporation: On the server you gain XP and can also earn the wong currency here. This will be better explained further down, but this is the place to do those things.
#❓help: If you need help you can ask here or DM me if you’d rather ask privately.
#📣announcements: I’ll announce various things including the scanlations.
#🚀west-virginia-spaceport: This is where you go to say hello. Others will probably say hello to you first!
#📚scanlations: Unsurprisingly, Lasagne’s Outlaw Star scanlations are posted here.

#🍺clydes-bar: General chat goes here. If there’s a specific channel for what you want to discuss, go there. For anything nonspecific go here.
#🔧starwind-hawking: People can post their various creations here and comment on other people’s.
#👯tenrei: Any memes must go here.
#💋club-temptation: This is a private channel for adult content. How to get there is explained further down.


These don’t really need an explanation. It’s an entertainment category. The channels are as follows: #🍙anime-manga | #🎬film-tv | #🎮games | #🎵music | #💻tech

Outlaw Star
#⭐ols-anime: Talk about the anime we know and love. Since so many of us know the anime so well there are no spoiler rules.
#📖ols-manga-doujins: Discuss the manga. Lasagne is still working through the scanlation of this. Since so few Outlaw Star fans know the story, all spoilers must be spoiler-tagged. To do this with a picture, use the option when you add the picture. You can put “/spoiler” at the start of a message to tag it all. To censor a smaller part of it, put the text between two of “|”. (No quotes.) The key for this symbol should be next to your left shift. So, “||” on both sides.
#🌌toward-stars-extended: The two other works by Takehiko Ito set in the same Toward Stars universe are Angel Links and Future-Retro Hero story. This is the channel for them.

Voice and Stream
#🌑blue-heaven: You go to Blue Heaven to talk to people over voice chat. Sometimes people also use it to stream things such as their art drawing or playing games. But if you don’t have a mic or would rather not speak…
#💬blue-heaven-text: Go here to communicate with voice chatters using text instead.


At Outlaw Star Nexus you’re allowed to use emojis from other servers (common sense applies) but we also have our own that are Outlaw Star-themed and originate from the forum. Viewing the emojis, you should see the Gene Starwind set. They’re as follows:

:geneangry: | :geneawkward: | :geneconfused: | :geneecksdee: | :genefrown: | :genegrin: | :genekamina: | :genelmao: | :genelove: | :geneshades: | :genesick: | :genesmile | :genethinking: | :genetongue: | :genewink: | :genewtf

But what about the other characters? Well, Gene is the default set everybody gets. You’ll need to earn the emojis for other characters. I’ll explain that and more in Shop and Unlock.

Level Up!

One thing you should quickly notice is that there’s a rank system in place. The more active you are, the more XP you gain. By gaining XP you’ll rise up in the list of members. You can view the OSN leaderboard here. Every minute of talking you can gain between 15 and 25 XP. The reward is granted once a minute, so spamming doesn’t offer members an advantage. Everybody starts out without any rank. After talking briefly you’ll advance to the first level. The more you level up, the longer the next level up takes. Here’s a list:

Level 1: Citizen
Level 4: Gunslinger
Level 8: Bounty Hunter
Level 15: Outlaw
Level 20: Notable Outlaw
Level 25: Renowned Outlaw
Level 30: Legendary Outlaw
Level 35: Mythical Outlaw

The higher your level, the further up the list of online members you’ll be. Attaining the best rank, Mythical Outlaw, comes with some extra benefits. First, you’ll have a palette of seven colours to choose from for your name. Second, you’ll gain access to a secret channel, #🍷vip-condo. Only Mythical Outlaws will visit this place.

Lastly, you can use !rank or /rank (see this article about slash commands, though most prefer the former method) and !levels or /levels to check your rank and the leaderboard, respectively.

Shop and Unlock

Some aren’t interested in using much more than the vanilla features that come with all Discord servers, but OSN has those who are interested covered. You may recall the mention of unlockable emojis. To unlock anything you need to shop. And to shop you need to earn the Outlaw Star currency, wong. The most common way of earning wong is “working”. By using the !work or /work command you’ll start a one-hour working period. After that hour is up you can go back and claim it by working again. It’ll start the timer so you can go back again for the wong at your leisure.

There are two other ways to earn wong. Firstly there’s the daily reward. Keep an eye out for Gilliam’s announcement that you can claim again at 1AM BST. With the !daily or /daily command you can earn a small bonus each day. If you keep doing it you can maintain a streak and earn more bonuses. The last way is gambling. Obviously, it’s risky and you can lose a lot of your wong bets. If you play your cards right you may be able to benefit from it. You can play a dice roll game with !dice or /dice, rock/paper/scissors with !rps or /rps, Russian roulette with !roulette or /roulette, and finally a number guessing game with !guess or /guess.

So you’ve earned some wong. What good is that? Some people mainly collect it for the bragging rights. By using !richest or /richest you can see the server’s richest members. If you want the extra features you can spend that wong by shopping. Using !shop or /shop will show you a list of the purchasable items, and then you use !buy or /buy to buy the item. You should know that there is an ongoing bug beyond my control that can cause an issue here, but it can easily be overcome.

The natural method to buy an item would be “!buy <item name>” which works a lot of the time, but unfortunately sometimes it reports that item doesn’t exist. The way around that is to use “!buy <item id>”. The ID is displayed below the item names when you use !shop or /shop. If you copy and paste it’s pretty quick (e.g. “!buy 9738921c30” to buy the cheapest item, an onigiri) but I’ll put everything into an easier table for you. These are the items you can buy. I’ll explain what you can unlock below this table.

NameCostDescriptionQuick Code
Onigiri1WMandatory for anime-themed servers. The more you buy, the greater your weeb powers.!buy 9738921c30
Spacer Cola2WThe tastiest sugar water that wong can buy. Vendors say its recipe has been perfected century by century since the Fixed Star era. !buy 15154a7204
Space Takeout Burger3WCheap, greasy and kinda nasty.!buy 97f7758fc5
Fred’s Bandages50WPatient: Fred Luo
Injury: Broken forearm and hand
Cause: Overjoyed muscle chick
!buy 1daeccca71
Bikini Briefs99WDon’t even think about it.!buy e3dbfed8e3
Saiyo Wong’s Soap100WThe cheapest soap around. You didn’t think the warden would waste money on the good stuff, did you?!buy bf07e8f54
Old Man’s Crutch105WIt’s reportedly still near the seafood restaurant.!buy 84b4207e05
Blonde Wig120WIt can make you beautiful.!buy e6b4a16578
Silk Dress200WCustom-made just for you.!buy 43e3324061
Swanzo’s Glove200WGood for business. (He has slimy frog hands.)!buy 1922692283
Suzuka’s Bokken250W“Are you saying she did this with a wooden sword?”!buy d7055207fa
Apollo Candy Bar300WAn ultra-rare chocolate bar, recovered from a stockpile found in an abandoned hatch on Earth. Kinda old, not recommended for consumption.!buy 9215daebbf
Sexy Cologne300WThis one is a hit amongst the Kei Pirates.!buy a66846bdcb
B4 Manuscript Paper400WThe starting point towards the mangaka life.!buy d6f2fc3f15
Gwen’s Spectacles400WThey’re tiny!!buy c8f1bebc11
Hanmyo’s Rose400WIts bouquet was bought from a Symka 5 flower shop.!buy 5597ab1f53
Tao Magic: Old Man400WA spell cast by Roifan on Hilda’s ship.!buy 98fccac286
Strange Cactus420WHmm.!buy f0a85cfcda
Aisha’s Ctarl-Ctarl Stew450WPrepared by Aisha Clanclan herself. She claims that by eating this you’ll have the strength of ten men. You’d probably die though.!buy b7d979a4e9
Melfina’s Eggs450W“Um, if there’s anything I can do to help, please tell me.”
“Are you good at cooking eggs?”
“Oh! I’m not really sure. I’ve never cooked them before so I don’t know.”
“Well, then you can learn now. You’re on kitchen duty, Melfina.”
!buy bce24e201d
Club Temptation Member Card500WMembership to the degenerates’ hangout.!buy 226615486f
Kemi’s Collar500WThe black cat’s collar.!buy 8bd2a95e9c
Melfina’s Trunk500WFits one small female.!buy a9eadadd8d
Aisha’s Gourmet Lobster Dinner600WAn outlaw’s gotta eat. If you don’t, you won’t be able to work and earn money.!buy 6ea6244ca4
Jim’s Pocket Computer600WUsed for cyborg analysis, and who knows what else?!buy ad432b03c4
Jim’s Poker Chips600W“That ain’t fair, you knew you were going to lose!”!buy fd35735daa
Tao Magic: Fortune600WAre you feeling lucky?!buy 4e6ed8e7c8
Swanzo’s Teacup700WA British-styled teacup that Swanzo usually drinks British blends of tea from. Swanzo’s more of a creature of culture than Suzuka, then.!buy 5809e2c06e
G-Pen Nib700WHigh risk, high reward!!buy 4258c50987
Gwen’s Compass 700WContaining two magnetic monopoles, it’s Curse Hawkwind’s magic trick.!buy be40ae6aa1
Gene’s Blaster950WOne of Gene Starwind’s favourites. It’s a revolver with customisable barrels.!buy 332a461d55
Luo Company Sponsorship Overall999W“When you’re in the winner’s circle you’ll wear this. This way everyone will get a chance to see you in it. It’ll be worth the 400,000 and bring me such joy to my heart that I did it.”!buy 80eafbc0fe
Hilda’s Eyepatch1000WBoosts badassery by 300%.!buy afe450e421
Old Man’s Dragonite1000WA small gemstone. Sold at a high discount, even for dragonite that’s low-density.!buy 2760aadff3
Hilda’s Grappling Hook1200WMade in Tempa Empire.
Warning: Might not actually save your life.
!buy 6b58bd9b13
Gene’s Bazooka1500WGene has a few different kinds. This one is efficient and particularly good at destroying the Space Forces’ mechanical big cats.!buy 97785d2bac
Saiyo Wong’s Leyline Coordinates1500WDon’t forget the password. It’s “Miranda”.!buy 9c97e34a2e
Suzuka’s Teacup2000WA Japanese yunomi teacup. Suzuka usually drinks matcha green tea from it. Being made from an expensive porcelain, it isn’t cheap.!buy c95232f988
Gilliam Bot (Blue)4000WAdd another of Gilliam’s minions to his workforce on the XGP. In zero gravity they’ll do manual labour, bring you some breakfast or even act as a personal alarm clock.!buy 3391125542
Gilliam Bot (Pink)6000WGiven a beautiful Silgrian Fuchsia paint job by Jim Hawking himself. Look, space paint doesn’t grow on trees, so this has bumped the price up 2000W.!buy e64e34a93e
Caster Gun20000WA mysterious antique from a bygone age. Originally called a spell gun, it packs a hell of a punch with the magic fired from shells.!buy 9a62bec956

For a lot of the item purchases you can earn various unlocks. These are the character emoji sets you can currently unlock by buying shop items:

Chibi GeneJimMelfinaAishaSuzukaHildaFred LuoSwanzoJennyHanmyoGwen KhanSaiyo WongOld ManBlack Point

Most of these unlocks contain a full set of emojis, others only have a few. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be a member of Discord Nitro to use the animated emojis. That means that for now Swanzo and Gwen Khan’s unlocks won’t work without Nitro. (Non-animated emojis will be added to those packs later on.) To unlock these emoji sets you’ll need to buy two items that are relevant to a character. They should be easy to find. The exception is Jenny Starwind. Jenny needs four relevant items. Gilliam will arrive next. Can you get them all?

Emoji unlocks aren’t all you’ll get for your purchases. You can also get commands. By writing “!help commands” or “/help commands” you’ll be able to see what’s currently available. Here’s the list at the time of writing:

!casterThis is the caster roulette. If you bought a caster gun you can get a lot of information about the shells with this command, which only works in the Tenrei channel.
!keipirateyesSwitch on Kei Pirate status. Only usable with Tao Magic role.
!keipiratenoSwitch off Kei Pirate status. Only usable with Tao Magic role.

To use the !caster command you’ll need to buy a caster gun first. To use !keipirateyes and !keipirateno you’ll need to buy both of the Tao magic spells in the shop. By using these commands you can join the Kei Pirates which switches your displayed role and username colour.

Lastly, the aforementioned #💋club-temptation NSFW channel can be unlocked by buying the Club Temptation Member Card. I will be adding more commands in the future and I’m on the lookout for more features that can make the shop even handier.

Remember that if you need any help with any of this you can ask in #❓help. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the server.