Task List

This is a list of current tasks that I’m (Mantis) working on. This doesn’t represent what the group in its entirety is doing though. This is just my way of recording my progress for both myself and eager viewers, as well as throwing some accountability into the mix. They’re in order so you can see what’s coming up soonest.

Outlaw Star: Chapter 1710%Graphical side is being handled by Mantis.
Outlaw Star: Chapter 1680%Graphical side is being handled by Slice.
Moto Dorei no Nekomimi Maid to Shiawase Ecchi Suru HonPages: 14/30Full translation is now completed but the editing is shelved in favour of Outlaw Star. Sorry lads, the hentai is a secondary priority.
Outlaw Star Animaze DocumentsUndeterminedThis is something that was interrupted when I put all of my focus into migrating Outlaw Star Nexus, setting up Lasagne, and working exclusively on the manga. These are ultra-rare documents from the studio that dubbed Outlaw Star. This is not a scanlation (already in English, duh) but will be released here. Private information will be redacted. The progress is difficult to determine because there could be several hundred pages. I will return to scanning these once we’re a bit further into the manga releases.
Documents of Outlaw StarScanning: 100% |
Cleaning: 80% | Translation: 0% | Typesetting: 0%
This will be handled after the manga.
Outlaw Star Sound and Scenario Drama CD: Raid of the Ctarl Twins audio episodeTBAThe first episode is already available here on Lasagne (Lonely Gunman and Hacker Kid), but I’ve had plans to give the second episode on the CD the same treatment. It’s in limbo at the moment but will be returned to at a later date, possibly alongside other tracks from the CD.