Welcome to Lasagne

We are Lasagne, a new scanlation group that focuses on a variety of content. Originally we were just a few fans of Outlaw Star hoping to bring a lot of the unknown lore to western fans. We’ve been continually accomplishing that goal and don’t plan on stopping, with our newest release being the manga.  Additionally there’s more art books and doujins to come as well as a likely collaboration with You’re Welcome Scans to continue their scanlation of Future-Retro Hero Story.

We’re not only about the Toward Stars universe though. Lasagne is beginning to break into hentai doujins and also looking into one-shot manga.

Look below for a taste of Lasagne or use the navigation bar for specific content.


  • Outlaw Star: Chapter 15
    Back at the Starwind shop, Melfina wants to play... and it ain't Pokémon cards on her mind!
  • Outlaw Star: Chapter 14
    Some new names and faces truly set the manga and anime apart!
  • Outlaw Star: Chapter 13
    Life resumes on Sentinel while Gene and crew make preparations for Heifong, but a snag puts them into a hairy situation.

Art Books

  • SW: Sukoshi Wakeari
    This art book contains brilliant artwork and a whole lotta lore!

Other Work